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AI Age Phase 2: Robotics. Multi-Modality is Entering Our Lives with Physical AI

A Multi-Trillion-Dollar Industry Is Set to Start Thanks to NVIDIA Blackwell GPU

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NVIDIA already commands 80% of the available AI chip market. This percentage is unlikely to change significantly. What will change is the market size starting with robots in many parts of our lives as announced by Jensen Huang during his keynote at the GTC AI Conference on Monday.

The AI Age commenced with ChatGPT 3.5 LLM as text-to-text GenAI in November 2022. Despite Moore’s law suggesting chip capacity should double every year, NVIDIA has increased AI performance by a million-fold over the past decade.

This underscores the rapid evolution and innovation in GPU technology that paved the way for the AI Age.

The market size will expand with new products such as full self-driving cars, engineering simulations, healthcare products, physical AI, and more.

LLM was the initial major step, and now, with further significant advancements led by NVIDIA, investment, and overall interest, we are entering the next phase of AI: the multi-modality phase with Robotics.

NVIDIA is constructing the entire foundation and ecosystem to bring AI into action with robotics, starting with the new Blackwell GPU at its core.

The compute performance of Blackwell GPU is 20 petaflops, which is 5 times more than H100, the latest GPU from 2023.

NVIDIA will build the brain and software ecosystem for robotics companies like Figure, Apptronik, Agility, Sanctuary, Unitree, and more.

BMW is already conducting pilot tests with Figure 1, and we all know that Elon Musk believes Optimus could become a bigger business than Tesla cars. We are witnessing the dawn of a multi-trillion-dollar industry, a historic moment.


NVIDIA Omniverse is a versatile platform facilitating generative AI-enabled tools and applications. It utilizes Universal Scene Description and NVIDIA RTX™ technology, offering real-time development and world-scale simulations for various industries.

Project Groot

NVIDIA's Project GR00T is a foundational model for humanoid robot learning, trained in GPU-accelerated simulation. It enables robots to learn from human demonstrations using imitation and reinforcement learning, enhancing their capabilities in understanding human language and performing tasks efficiently.

Digital Twin

Digital twins, such as virtual production lines and warehouse simulations, leverage NVIDIA's Omniverse platform to create virtual replicas of physical environments.

These twins enable optimization, testing, and training of AI agents before deployment, leading to cost savings and operational improvements.

NVIDIA invested $10 billion into building the Blackwell GPU and its ecosystem of hardware and software. According to Jensen Huang, the B100 will be priced in the range of $30k to $40k. He emphasizes that the B100 is so powerful that just one of them can replace many GPUs with the same compute power, and simply removing the cabling between them saves a significant amount of cost.

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