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The Week in AI. Top AI News and Tutorials

AI-Driven TV: Join Showrunner's Alpha. Perplexity is Now a $3B Company. AI Breakthrough at MS Build 2024

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Hi, AI Futurists!

Maybe one of the key questions to be answered about AI is what AGI, Artificial General Intelligence, actually is, since even the top experts have different interpretations.

Here are some key remarks from top AI voices:

Jensen Huang, CEO of NVIDIA, says: While some worry that AI may take their jobs, someone who is an expert in AI will. Prompt engineering may be the top skill to learn since it is the way to communicate with superintelligence to get anything done.

Elon Musk says: Everybody will have tutors and nobody will need to work. There will be so much abundance that there may be UHI (Universal High Income) instead of UBI (Universal Basic Income).

Sam Altman, the brain behind OpenAI, envisions AGI as a tool to amplify human capabilities, making us more productive and creative. He sees a future where AGI works alongside humans, enhancing our skills and helping solve complex problems.

So, what’s the 411 on AGI? AGI can be interpreted as a thinking machine capable of performing all human tasks, and that’s just the beginning when it comes to superintelligence. 

When we finally crack AGI, it will be like moving from caveman grunts to Shakespearean prose overnight. Imagine a world where superintelligent machines solve climate change, cure diseases, and maybe even write better newsletters than this one!

Without further ado, let’s get started.

Top AI News of the Week

  • AI-Driven TV: Join Showrunner's Alpha

  • Perplexity AI Raises $250M at $3B Valuation

  • AI Breakthroughs at Microsoft Build 2024

Top AI Know-How of the Week

  • Interview: Geoffrey Hinton & Ilya Sutskever: AI Titans' Connection and the Future of AI

  • Learn How to Use Zapier Chrome Extension to Streamline Your Workflows

  • Canva Create 2024: AI-Driven Major Design Updates


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  • AI-Driven TV: Join Showrunner's Alpha. Showrunner AI by Fable Studio is launching a groundbreaking streaming service by allowing users to create and interact with AI-generated TV shows through text prompts. It promises to transform Hollywood and compete with Netflix. Apply for the alpha to stream and help shape the future of AI-driven entertainment.

  • Perplexity AI Raises $250M at $3B Valuation. Perplexity, an AI search engine startup, is raising at least $250 million, valuing the company between $2.5 billion and $3 billion. This high valuation stems from its rapid growth and rising market interest. Existing investors like NEA and IVP are expected to participate in this funding round.

  • AI Breakthroughs at Microsoft Build 2024. At Microsoft Build 2024, key AI advancements were unveiled, such as independent Copilots, AI-enhanced Windows PCs, Microsoft Fabric, and Azure AI tools. The release of GPT-4o and improved AI safety measures highlight Microsoft's commitment to AI innovation.

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  • Interview: Geoffrey Hinton & Ilya Sutskever: AI Titans' Connection and the Future of AI

  • Learn How to Use Zapier Chrome Extension to Streamline Your Workflows

  • Canva Create 2024: AI-Driven Major Design Updates

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