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The Week in AI. Top AI News and Tutorials

Anthropic Launches Claude 3.5. Ilya Sutskever's New Safe Superintelligence Company, SSI. The AI Interview of the Week

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Hi, AI Futurists!

For those of us who had been using Google Translate for many years, something radical happened in 2017. All of a sudden, translations were considerably more accurate. Google announced a breakthrough in AI development, but most of us ignored it.

However, that breakthrough paved the way for today’s LLMs or GenAI, which created the AI age. That breakthrough was the transformer model developed by Google Brain scientists.

You can read the scientific paper on transformer models written by Google scientists here. Simply put, the transformer model uses self-attention to process text in parallel, understanding context better than previous models. This efficiency and scalability enabled the creation of today's large language models (LLMs), like GPT-3 and beyond.

OpenAI, led by its chief AI scientist Ilya Sutskever, who was a PhD student of Geoffrey Hinton (the leader of Google’s AI team), used the transformer model to build GPT. Even though Google’s AI experience and development were superior, they didn’t push the button to activate and commercialize it. OpenAI became the AI leader using Google’s technology. What a turn of events!

Without further ado, let’s get started.


Top AI News of the Week

  • Anthropic Launches Claude 3.5 Model Outperforming GPT-4o

  • Ilya Sutskever’s Safe Superintelligent New Company, SSI. The AI Research Lab Founded by the Ultimate AI Scientist

  • Aravind Srinivas, Perplexity CEO, Interview with Lex Fridman. An Illuminating Talk About AI, Search Engines and the AI Future

Top AI Know-How of the Week

  • Inncivo. AI Learning Platform Empowering Businesses

  • Personalized Search Reinvented with AI: Introducing Andi and Brave Search

  • AI Tools for LinkedIn Jobs: Streamlining Your Job Search

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Anthropic Launches Claude 3.5 Model

Claude 3.5 Sonnet, by Anthropic, excels in graduate-level reasoning, coding, and visual tasks. Faster and cheaper than Claude 3 Opus, it outperforms GPT-4o in many areas but not in multilingual math. Available free on Claude AI and iOS, with pro pricing options via API.

Ilya Sutskever’s Safe Superintelligent New Company, SSI

Ilya Sutskever, co-founder of OpenAI, launched Safe Superintelligence (SSI) to develop safe, controlled superintelligent AI. SSI focuses on safety, security, and technical challenges without commercial pressures. Led by Sutskever, Gross, and Levy, it has offices in Palo Alto and Tel Aviv, aiming to advance AI capabilities responsibly.

Aravind Srinivas, Perplexity CEO, Interview with Lex Fridman

Perplexity, launched one week after GPT-3.5 in November 2022, has grown into a $3 billion company disrupting the search engine industry, which has been dominated by Google for 25 years. Watch the insightful 3-hour interview to learn about the search industry, the upcoming AI age, and how tech operates in Silicon Valley.

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Top AI Know-How of the Week

  • Inncivo. AI Learning Platform Empowering Businesses

  • Personalized Search Reinvented with AI: Introducing Andi and Brave Search

  • AI Tools for LinkedIn Jobs: Streamlining Your Job Search

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