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The Week in AI. Top AI News and Tutorials

Cognition Labs. Tesla FSD. Meta Llama 3. 7 Types of AI by IBM & More

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Hi, AI Futurists!

Welcome to the inaugural edition of our Week in AI series, posted every Sunday.

We'll succinctly deliver the top AI news and tutorials, keeping you up-to-date, saving you time, and helping you learn about AI from the best in the field. Follow along each week to stay informed about the latest developments in the world of AI.

The Big Money is Pouring into AI, Fast

Just this week, Perplexity AI, the popular answer engine, has become a unicorn in less than 1.5 years after its founding. Cognition Labs, the inventor of the first AI autonomous software engineer, is now valued at $2 billion after less than 6 months of its founding. xAI of Elon Musk just raised $6 billion at a pre-money valuation of $18 billion.

There may be skeptics about whether this is somewhat similar to the internet boom in 2000. We believe it is not. AI has the ability to affect all aspects of our lives and all these companies have the ability to lead the AI economy in their fields.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

Top AI News of the Week

  • Cognition Labs, the Devin AI First Software Engineer Developer Company, is Now a $2 Billion Company

  • Claude 3 is Better than Google in Translation. Google Transformed the AI Space with its Transformer Technology in 2017.

  • The 12 Employee xAI Just Raised $6 Billion to Reach an $18 Billion Pre-Money Valuation

Top AI Know-How of the Week

  • 7 Types of AI Explained by IBM’s Master Inventor Martin Keen

  • Meta’s Joe Spisak Explains How Llama 3 (Open-Source) Works

  • MIT’s Daniela Rus Explains How the Newly Developed Liquid Networks Work

High Tech AI

  • Tesla FSD 12.3.5 is Out. Witness the latest Full Self-Driving Leap

  • Xiaomi’s EV-Factory Showcase Video. AI-Powered (Almost) Fully-Automated

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